HealthShare Referrals is Free to Use and Already Installed in Your MedicalDirector Clinical Software

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With HealthShare you can:

  • Access a comprehensive and up-to-date specialists database
  • Search for specialists within your clinical software
  • Write a referral letter using your standard process. Our tool is fully integrated with letter writer in Medical Director
  • Save time on finding relevant specialist for your patients

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53% of GPs aren't completely satisfied with their existing referral database.

Watch how you can access HealthShare comprehensive database,refer to a specialist and write a referral letter in under 1 minute.

* HealthShare patient survey 2014

HealthShare Referrals is fully integrated into Medical Director software, version 3.17.

In only 4 steps, find a specialist and write a referral letter.

Step 1: Enter specialty and suburb.

Step 2: Choose from our list of specialists or practice listing.

Step 3: Click on the specialist to view their full profile and choose a location you wish to refer.

Print specialist profile for your patient.

Email specialist profile to your patient.

Save the specialist to your list of favourites.

Step 4: HealthShare is integrated with letter writer. You can complete writing the referral using the standard referral writing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the HealthShare Referrals tool.

What is the Referrals tool?

What kind of specialist information can I find in the Referrals directory?

Do specialists need to pay to have their details included in the Referrals directory?

Using the Referrals Tool

How do I open the Referrals tool?

How can I find specialists through the tool?

I know which specialist I want to refer the patient to. Can I search for their details on the tool?

How can I see the specialist's details?

Can I email a specialist's details to the patient? Will this be emailed from my own email address?

Building a List of Favourite Specialists

If I have a favourite specialist, how can I easily find their details again?

Can I edit my collection of Favourites?

Can I add specialists from my own address book to your collection?

Making Referrals

Is HealthShare Referrals integrated into letter writer?

How can I write a referral once I see the specialist's details?

How do I choose a template to write referrals?

About HealthShare

How can I give feedback on the Referrals tool?

Where can I find out more information about HealthShare?