Terms of Use: HealthShare Referrals

Use of the HealthShare Referral widget (HealthShare Referrals) by a medical practitioner via Medical Director or online is subject to the following:

  1. The specialist practitioner referral information (Information) made available by HealthShare Pty Ltd (HealthShare) through HealthShare Referrals is provided solely for the purpose of assisting the medical practitioner to deliver the Information to his or her patient in relation to issues for which the patient has presented.

  2. In collating and presenting the Information for use within HealthShare Referrals, HealthShare has taken all reasonable steps to ensure that the Information is accurate and up to date, including by cross-referencing the Information, where applicable, with the register of professionals maintained by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). However, HealthShare is unable to, and does not, warrant or guarantee the accuracy of the Information. The medical practitioner:

    • acknowledges that the Information includes content that has been sponsored by Specialists;

    • selects and provides the Information to patient(s) based on his or her own assessment of the suitability of the selected specialist practitioner identified in the Information (Specialist) to assist the patient for the condition about which the patient presents; and

    • otherwise assumes sole responsibility for the referral of the patient(s) to the Specialist.

  3. For the avoidance of any doubt, HealthShare is not liable to any medical practitioner or his or her patient(s) for:

    • any discrepancies in the Information, including but not limited to any misrepresentations made by the Specialist about his or her skills, experience, or professional accreditations; or

    • any negligent act by the Specialist in the course of his or her interactions with the medical practitioner or his or her patient(s) following any referral via HealthShare Referrals; or

    • any other loss or damage incurred or suffered by the medical practitioner or his or her patient(s) as a result of the medical practitioner's use of HealthShare Referrals.

  4. From time to time, statistical data may be collected and used by HealthShare (and its associated partners or affiliates) or Medical Director in relation to the access and usage of the Information.